François Evangelista

In Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are (1963), the boy Max’s imagined monsters are externalisations of his own untamed character. These monsters are removed from, or at least repressed by, the ‘civilised’ human life, especially in adulthood.

The compulsion to draw, colour, and create art begins with the acts of a child, such as scribbling on a wall, playing with paint, and making art in kindergarten. Through these artworks, I have rediscovered and employed this unadulterated spirit of the inner child: expressing liberty, play and innocent mischievousness.

The figures which emerge out of a series of chaotic painting, printing and drawing processes suggest their characters by the primitive perception of the unconscious human imagination. This involuntary optical-mental act of ‘seeing faces in things’ is a primal mechanism for human survival and protection. Being neglectful of faces in the wild, one is likely to get eaten.

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