Marlene Kingdon

Black is a powerful and enduring colour. It is a symbol of strength.

The opulent and luxurious black satin has a weight, a slipperiness and importantly for the ever-changing light over the surface when you work it or change the direction of the fabric.

Stitching the surface randomly and then pulling it up until it has dimension, pattern and a certain impenetrable quality to it. Like a maze where you go around endlessly looking for a way out.

Mum’s repeating refrain to me was “Do it again. Do it right”, and “If it’s good enough to do it’s good enough to do well” … So, there’s the contrast. My piece is black and balanced but not particularly symmetrical as it expresses just what I want to say about our humanity. Leaving the threads hanging and tangled just as so many aspects of my relationship with mum were, unresolved and unfinished.

Adding a bow on the back (like her homemade childhood dresses for me).  Mother and daughter are tied together for that most enduring of lifelong relationships.

The work, human in size, stands in a vertical orientation against a more traditional portrait of My Mother.

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