Under The Skin

ArtistsJohn Blines, Jane Disher, Leo Greenfield, Michele Lane, Olga Sankey, Simone Tippett and Petra Troyn.
MediaDigital, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking.
A series of works regarding our physiological, anatomical, emotional and psychological bodies, and how these things mediate our experience of the world. 
Curator: Simone Tippett of Union St Printmakers
Image: Leo Greenfield, ‘The Love Cord’ digital print on paper, 2017


**Due to construction we are forced to delay the launch. Please note the recent change in dates for “Under the Skin” is Friday, 11 May – 8 June 2018. But never mind! the artists are busy creating, completing new work especially for ρrαxiς ARTSPACE.