FROM THE INSIDE [Tokuremoar]

For 30 years photographer, Richard Hodges, has journeyed into and through an ancient remnant Tea-tree reserve, Tokuremoar, the last of its kind on the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula. 

Richard has invited 12 other artists to explore his journey of this ancient reserve. Through exchange and conversation, the artists have explored its boundaries, moods (both inviting and uninviting), sounds, light, shade, human intervention and the imagined story, to bring together a sensory experience and interpretation of ‘place’. 

Using photography, video, movement, music, sculpture, poetry and drawing/painting, the 13 artists transpose their creative exploration of Tokuremoar into a modern gallery space. 

Directly influenced by time spent in Toukuremoar’s depths, the opening night will feature live movement (Tammy Arjona and Sue Hawksley) and music (Andrew McNicol) with artist Margie Hooper creating a linear score in small episodic events. 

Artists: Richard Hodges, Tammy Arjona, Sue Hawksley, Cinzia Schincariol, Andrew McNicol, Suzi Windram, Michelle Cain Murray, Margie Hooper, Anabelle Collett, Barbary O’Brien, Leah Grace, Cheryl Anne Brown and Michael Bryant.