Internal Forces, Painting

Exhibition Dates: Thursday 25 May – 23 June 2017

Curated by Linda Marie Walker Internal Forces, Painting is a group exhibition that emerges from internal pressures, tensions and atmospheres that (infinitely, abstractly) unfold individual worlds / lives.

Artists: Aldo Iacobelli (Adelaide, AUS), Anton Hart (Adelaide, AUS), Andy Petrusevics (Adelaide, AUS), Louise Haselton/Christian Lock (collaboration; represented by Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide, AUS), Louise Blyton (Melbourne, Vic, AUS), Melinda Harper (represented by NKN Gallery, Melbourne, Vic, AUS), Jorge Carla Bajo (Valencia, SPAIN), Toshiyuki Iwasaki (Valencia, SPAIN)
Curator: Linda Marie Walker (Mount Gambier, AUS)