Joe Felber

Pitié | Compassion was opened on Friday 12 August by Rebecca Evans, Curator of Australian and European Decorative Arts in the Art Gallery of South Australia. Evans intuitively and elegantly connected Felber’s practice to his premise of compassion that drives his art practice.

This show is a visible investigation of transparency with excerpts from works of the past that include a transition of 45 years of creativity that encounters photography painting, drawing, video, sound and a performance work with photographic students from ACARTS titled the end of time. This final painting was performed only at the opening night on photography, a scattered fragment, a witness once memories of time. This concluded the intention of the curatorial premise that the interdisciplinary practise includes the audience participation as a witness.

Joe Felber by Bernice Murphy
25 Songs on 25 Lines of Words: An Art Statement for Seven Voices and Dance
Joe Felber as Educator at ACARTS