Praxis Studio Artists Exhibition

20 June – 12 July
Opening event: Thursday, 20th June, 6-8pm

Roy Ananda, Patty Chehade, Suzie Gardiner, Arlon Hall, Heidi Kenyon, Seirian Kitchener, Brad Lay, Linda Lee, Thomas Phillips, Thomas Readett, Kaspar Schmidt-Mumm, Elizabeth Wojciak

The term ‘praxis’ was borne in ancient Greek times and refers to the concept of putting ideas and theory into practice; perhaps no-one is better suited to this pursuit than the artist. This exhibition brings together the studio practices of the resident artists working in praxis ARTSPACE Studios to showcase the visual articulation of the ideas that drive their individual practices.

IMAGE: Small Spaces|Big Ideas Installation view, Praxis Artspace 2019. Photography by Joe Felber

Thomas Readett, is the recipient of the 3rd perpetual ‘praxis ARTSPACE studio’ Residency offered to an emerging artist annually.