Presence | Group Exhibition

Felix Atkinson, Danny Jarratt, Angelique Joy, Ellen Sleeman-Taylor, Henry Wolff

21 May – 12 June 2020
Opening | Thursday 21st May, 6-8pm

Presence creates spaces of autonomous self-reflection and explores how these spaces are navigated by the body. The body becomes the point of departure; its dimensions and the space it occupies, the narratives it holds and how these unfold around it. The reinterpretation of bodily presence evokes the queer or gender non-conforming body, allowing for a tender consideration of how we perform gender and identity.

As part of this exhibition, the artists Danny Jarratt and Henry Wolff will be presenting ‘sister’ video works on the Adelaide Festival Centre outdoor media screens in the CBD. These works will be running tangential to Presence at Praxis Artspace.

IMAGE: Angelique Joy, In the Absence of Me, 2020, photograph (detail). Courtesy the artist.